These are My Etherial Parrots from Miami that I brought back to California with me

I wanted to share a picture with you guys of my beautifull parrots that I absolutely cherish. The green parrot his name is Popeye and the Red one her name is Wailer , Wailer has or is having a plucking feather issue . She started when she startedto lay eggs about a year and half ago. At this present moment she has found a spot under neath my bed and is sitting on 3 eggs. I have to take them out ,its been so lng. I feel bad ,it stresses me out . Any help on Parrot feather plucking behavior on Eclectus let me know ..
. I thought I should share them with you guys. Throughout my blogging I will be posting about there funny thinds that they may have done throughout there days.untill then .Goodnight.

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