San Francisco Wedding- 10 Makeup By Lia Negrete

It was a gorgeous Summer day. I woke up early to a house full of woman . Lisa had rented a gorgeous Victorian home in the city of San Francisco. A dream home I might have to say. I had 10 girls makeup to do ,to get all  the girls ready .All the girls   had the best energy they were all so great. Lisa is a soon to be vegan baker ,may  I  say .Lisa I will be your biggest supporter. These amazing photos where taken by an amazing photo crew named VISIA PRODUCTIONS in San Francisco,there work is specatacular. Lisa and Alex held there wedding at the St. Ignatius Church,simply breath taking . Congratulations to you both.

San Francisco Bay Area Wedding Hair Makeup Artist

One thought on “San Francisco Wedding- 10 Makeup By Lia Negrete

  1. I love weddings! Want to know why? Because all ladies look good, and gentlemen so dashing. But what I like best about weddings is that — the bride is like a canvass where you paint and will be stunned by the result of the work of art!

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