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How to give yourself a Holiday Updo.. By Lia Negrete

So I decided to put a Hair Makeup Blog about giving yourself a Xmas holiday updo knowing that times are tough right now from this crappy economy .
So I m going to do my best to explain and not sound so confusing for you ladies.
Alright maybe I should start by numbering?
1. Clean Dry Hair ,(1 day old hair is good as well)
2.Heat up either 1′ or 1/2 ‘inch curling iron depending on the tightness of the curl you desire.For more stubborn ,thick hair I like to smaller and for also that fine hair that doesnt like to hold curl these are all types of textures that I recommend in having a smaller curling iron.
3. You can add a light curling hold product,not to sticky because you are going to section and divide your hair and you want your hair to still have moveability.
4. Or no product in the hair.
5. Now start to section your hair into manageable sections with clips and you want your sections could go around the curling iron evenly.
6. Curl the hair in the direction going off your face.
7.Curl ,Spray with a light holding spray such as Loreal Elnett Hairspray sold exclusively at Target. I love this hairspray.and then pin the hair again with a duckbill clip which can be found at any beauty supply store.
8.After you finished curling all of the hair wait untill all of the hair has cooled off.
9.Release the duckbill pins out of the hair .
10.Section the hair into 2 sections .Have one section from starting at the back of your ears to the front where your bangs are at and the other section the back of the head.
11.This is where it gets creative… Decide where you want your base of the updo at . High so you can have lots of volume at top ,middle or low or maybe to the side ? Once you decide put it into a ponytail where you decided to have it for an example with this picture I did it in the middle .
12. Now grab little sections in the ponytail and wrap into little loops and pin in each loop. The smaller the sections you have the more detail the updo will look. Feel free at this time to use your hairspray ,a smoothing comb or brush ,maybe a little serum to smooth out those ends.
13. Okay you are going to want to work in a circular movement leaving the center last because that is where the attention and detail will be at.
14. So finish looping your back hair onto your head.Spray a little for more hold.
15.Okay now let go of the front section. Start taking small sections and start looping into the back of the updo you want to leave the front hair around your face for last so you can decide what will look best.
16. Now in the front you can bring the hair back tight or you may want a softness to it maybe letting it fall slightly over the tip of your ears.
17. Now figure out if you want to have volume this is where you want to tease at the top and start smoothing your section before you add it to your updo.
18. Alright figure out your part that you want ,do you want it in the middle ,side ,all back ,bangs ,some pieces falling out this is where you decide based on ow you feel best in ,once you decided pin back that section back into your updo in the back.
19. Smooth out all the little hairs that didnt make it into your updo ,spray a little extra hold hairspray and since this is the holiday you may want to but a xmas flower ,holiday crystals ,a barret ,feather just to add that extra dazzle to your holiday updo. Good luck I know you can do it. If you have any questions give me a call or an email I would be happy to help you out . Make sure send me a picture of your hair ,I want to know how it turned out.
Happy Holidays,
Lia Negrete
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San Francisco based Bridal Hair and Makeup Artist Lia Negrete is a master in the art of Bridal Beauty. With over a decade of experience Lia has worked with hundreds of brides from all over the world. Lia listens carefully to create her clients vision and surpass their expectations. Lia is efficient in her craft, creative and calm. She prides herself on her stellar service and flawless results. Lia knows that a bride needs to trust her Hair and Makeup artist with every detail. She will ensure you have the best makeup for your particular look as well as a long lasting hairstyle. Your wedding photos will be one of a kind, priceless heirlooms for generations to come. A perfect reflection of you.


  1. kudos. will continue looking for short hair ideas

  2. I really enjoyed giving you your new Winter haircut !!

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