Take a look into my world as a full time professional hair and makeup artist …

When I was little, I thought makeup was fun & so colorful.

I knew that being a makeup artist was going to be a full time career when I was living in Miami Beach, Florida, I took a leap of faith, and made it my focus. Here I am after more than 19 years of practicing my art, and I’m doing what I love. Wow, how time flies.

When I first started my business, charging people for my services was shaky, and I was unsure of my worth, until I built up my confidence over the years, with my experience and industry knowldge, I then was able to confidently charge my worth as a professional hair & makeup artist.

I’ve worked with so many amazing people! I have styled Politicians, Doctors, Chefs, Music DJ’s, TV personalities, Diva’s, Mothers, Artist, Dancers, Singers, Actresses, Lawyers, Animal Right Activist, Charities and every profession and personality under the roof.

The first thing that I do when I have a client who’s sitting, ready to be made up….is ask them what type of makeup style they prefer, do they enjoy wearing makeup or do they prefer a natural type of makeup, some girls may just wear chapstick, so you have to find the right balance for each client.

The advantage of being a hairstylist AND a makeup artist is that I’m able to make the hair & makeup compliment one another. So, specializing in both have it’s perks.

The best advice I could possibly give to someone who’s starting out in hair and makeup…is to practice on family, friends, get a state cosmetology license, take many classes, continuing education, learn all you can, take pictures of your work and review it and keep practicing, make business cards, create a website of your work and never stop learning.

What is my best advice when it comes to applying makeup? My best advice is to allow great quality makeup to compliment and enhance every woman’s natural beauty. I also think it takes practice in fine tuning your style, using products that work great for your skin and simply, what works best for you. It never ends, skin changes, product quality improves, trends change, so makeup is a never ending learning fun process.

When I think of my career thus far, I attribute my success to…being passionate about what I do, never giving up, hard work, true customer service. It’s never about me, it is always about my clients needs.

What do I like the most about being a makeup artist? It is creative, it has also allowed me to travel and meet so many different types of people. It has made me appreciate so many different cultures from all over the world.

I feel most inspired by traveling and exploring different cultures, music, seasons, color, fashion and other artist, everything and everyone.

I love hair, I love makeup, but if I had to choose only one of these careers to do forever, and ever…I don’t think I can choose, they go hand in hand for me, however, if I really had to choose, I would say hair styling, because it allows me more freedom and creativity vs. with makeup it’s based on the individual.

Orange is a shade of energy to me.

In terms of foundation…I like the foundation to make you feel like you have the best skin you have ever experienced.

As far as eyeshadow is concerned…Be careful, it is a fine balance between too much and too little, it can make your eyes appear to be too awake or it can make your eyes appear too small. Eyeshadow is expressive, it’s colorful and powerful. I love working with eyeshadow.

Lips ought to be beautiful, healthy looking. Lips ought to show your mood.

I wish more people would have more courage to play and practice with the makeup they own and not to be afraid of expressing themselves.

My ideal assistant, when needed, would be a well balanced, passionate artist who truly loves what they do.

To a professional makeup artist such as myself, InstaGram, Facebook, and Twitter mean an expression of oneself and to be able to communicate and relate and learn from so many others.

I won’t leave for a makeup assignment without Clean makeup brushes!

When I’m working under pressure, I feel focused and get more creative.

The biggest misconception about being a makeup artist is it is only a hobby and it’s part time.

I believe in order to make it as a successful makeup artist you must treat others with respect, and patience.
My favorite makeup products are MAC, Temptu, Makeup Forever, and Nars.

Beauty school was so much fun, and that is where I discovered my love for the art of hair and makeup. This is one of my Best memories of life.

I absolutely love what I do and I feel so lucky meeting so many wonderful people. Maybe one day I can meet you.


Lia Negrete (415) 513-2694 or contact me HERE